Schinus tree card holder, real schinus silver twigs on stone, electroplated silver branch card holder, mastic tree sculpture office gift

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Schinus tree, or mastic tree, card holder is a set of real, schinus silver twigs on a natural stone.
It is usually a black, or greenish black pebble that we randomly selected to make this very cool card holder.
It is made with an electroplated silver branch from a schinus,or mastic or tree from Greek nature, one twig of many that are all alike but always different.We attach it, glue it on a randomly picked bebble, which is different every time.We clear and varnish the stone first.
In front of the little tree, a few centimetres away, we put a little piece, like a leaf, or two from another schinus twig and the card hloder space is created between them.
The cards' backs rest on the schinus tree trunk and the cards' front, lower part touches the little twig piece up front.
It is a very neat, card holder, a schinus sculpture office gift.
The lovely schinus twig comes from Greek nature where the schinus tree is endemic and actually thrives from the the coast up to the high mountains.The twigs we select, are dried and then electroplated with sterling silver.They are all different, just like nature made them.They retain their full size and shape, but are totally covered in metal.They have a lovely, gleaming silver colour.
An average schinus, or mastic sculpture on a stone measures about 18cm in height x 7cm in length x 7cm in width (7.08" x 2.75" x 2.75").The schinus sculpture is of an average weight, it can be used as a paper weight, if you'd like to find a use for it.This is the ultimate, cool office gift, or student gift or graduation gift.It will also make an amazing corporate gift.
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