Space Shuttle Lanyard, #87, Solar System Lanyard, Beaded Lanyard, Planet Lanyard, ID Badge Holder, Outer Space Lanyard, Astrology Lanyard

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This solar system lanyard has black beads all along the strands with beads to depict the sun, planets, Earth's moon & the Space Shuttle. When I was in school we learned about Pluto so that planet has been included also. Down by the ornate swivel clasp is the Sun and the Planets run up the strand in order of distance from the sun.
Sun - Yellow & Clear Spiral Bead, 15mm
Mercury - Grey Bead, 4mm
Venus - Brown Bead, 6mm
Earth - Blue, White & Metallic Fleck Lapis Lazuli Bead, 6mm
Moon - Silver Bead, 3mm
Shuttle~Space Shuttle Bead, 17mm x 13mm
Mars - Red Howlite Bead, 6mm
Jupiter - Brown & Cream Striped Bead, 12mm
Saturn - Tiger Eye Bead, 10mm
Uranus - Green Bead, 8mm
Neptune - Blue Bead, 8mm
Pluto - Peach Bead, 4mm
All these beads are on a black waxed thread and the sun is tied on with a macrame square knot down by the ornate swivel clasp. The knot is reinforced with glue so it won't untie.
There is a lobster clasp to hook the two ends together around the neck and the length that goes around the neck is 36" long. Full length (when hooked together) from lobster clasp to the ornate swivel clasp is 21.5".