Dog (Cat) 'Superman' Royal Blue and Red Bandana with Collar...Personalized with Pet's Name & ID info Sizes XS thru XXL...Free Shipping!

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GREAT GIFT IDEA! (Please insure your shipping address is up to date :-)
1 Pet Bandana will include:
* I provide 1 Collar appropriate for the size of the pet. (See sizes below and photo above).
Information Needed to Complete Your Order: If not provided, I will be contacting you thru messaging.
1. VERTICAL MEASUREMENT? to verify sizing, see photo. Take that Vertical Measurement down to FINISHED SIZING and find out their correct size.
2. NAME OF PET? for Inside Embroidery and add phone number if Pet ID is chosen.
If ordering more than 1 bandana on any listing, add all items to CART and pay for it all at once, when you check out.
Orders of $35 or more gets Free Shipping.
* These are quality bandanas that are made to last. It essentially is 2 bandanas combined, to provide an 'accent' color (enhancing the aesthetics) and the ability to embroider on the inside, (which lifts to reveal it). Because 2 different fabrics are used and assembled together (once the embroidery is done), it is much stronger than most other bandanas and will hold up through repeated washings.
*On the interior, they are double sewn and layered with stabilizer for the embroidery. On the outside, they are again sewn around the perimeter. The collar casing (which may go thru embroidery designs), is necessary for the collar to slide through. On the ends (of that casing) they are at least triple stitched as these are pressure points when you insert and remove collars.
* Bandana is easily removed to launder, simply by slipping it off the collar. Also the bandana is reversible, with the solid accent color on the back side. By choosing other colors and themes, they're very easy to switch out.
Inside Embroidery Choices:
A. Pet ID information includes your Pet's Name and your phone number (in case they get lost), OR
B. Your Pet's First name with a little heart next to it.
C. Your Pet's First name with a small paw print.
D. Pet's First name Only (no heart)
E. No inside Embroidery, if you choose this option, the flap will be sewn shut.
FINISHED SIZING: (See above photos as to how to take this VERTICAL MEASUREMENT for your pet)
To insure the Sizing is correct, I've included the approx. finished dimensions, Length and Width. The CHEST measurement is the MOST IMPORTANT, Have your pet sit in front of you, take a tape measure from their collar DOWN his/her CHEST and straight down to the very TOP of their LEGS. This measurement is the longest it should be. Any longer will interfere with their walking/running and is actually dangerous for them. If necessary the collar casing on the bandana can be enlarged to fit a larger collar, if needed. When this measurement is correct, everything else falls into place.
Even within specific breeds, sizes can vary so this Vertical Measurement insures you're ordering the correct sizes.
XX-Small = 4-4.5" (VERTICAL Measurement - Length) x 5-1/8"
Collar is 3/8" width with adjustable length of 8-12" (Cats receive an adjustable stretch collar length of 8-12")
Typically fits: Puppies, Small Cats, Small Corgis, Dachshund Miniature, Papillion, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, etc. & 'Teacup' pets.
X-Small = 5" (VERTICAL Measurement -Length) x 5-3/4" (Width at top of bandana)
Collar is 3/8" width with adjustable length of 8-12" (Cats receive an adjustable stretch collar length of 8-12")
Typically fits: Large cats, Standard Dachshund, Standard Yorkies, Havanese, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Poodle (Toy), etc.
Small = 5-3/8" (VERTICAL Measurement - Length) x 6.5" (Width at top of bandana)
Collar is 3/8" wide with adjustable length of 8-12"
Typically fits: Pinscher (Miniature), Poodle (Miniature), Basset Hound, Beagles, Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, French Bulldogs, etc.
Medium = 6-1/8" (VERTICAL Measurement - Length) x 7.75" (Width at top of bandana)
Collar is 5/8" wide with adjustable length of 10-16"
Typically fits: Pit Bulls, English Bulldogs, Smaller Boxers, American Eskimo (Standard), Border Collie,
Large = 7-1/4" (VERTICAL Measurement - Length) x 9-3/8" (Width at top of bandana)
Collar is 3/4" wide with adjustable length of 14-20"
Typically fits: German Shepherds, Golden Retreivers, Labs, Bullmastiff, Larger Boxers, Samoyed, Irish Setter
XLarge = 8-3/4" (VERTICAL Measurement - Length) x 10-3/4" (Width at top of bandana)
Collar is 3/4" wide with adjustable length of 18-24"
Typically fits: Schnauzer Giant, Bernese Mountain Dog, Belgian Malinois, Large German Shepherds and Labs, Large Setters, etc.
XXLarge = 10-1/4" (VERTICAL Measurement - Length) x 12-3/4" (Width at top of bandana)
Collar is 1.5" wide with adjustable length 18-30"
Typically fits: Great Danes, Cane Corso, Afghan Hounds, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Large Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc.
If you're still unsure as to what size to order, please contact me.
Please place all purchases in your CART and pay for them all at once at Check-out.
You can leave the necessary info in the Notes Section at Check-out :-)
SHIPPING - Domestic:
First Class has FREE SHIPPING if orders in Cart are $35 or more.
Upgraded Priority Shipping is $8
These are obviously Custom made, specifically for your pet. Due to this, no returns are accepted unless I make an error in the embroidery. If I do make the error, I will make another one and ship it out to you right away :-)
Thanks for visiting BobbinByTheSea :-)