Extra large!Natural Slate Rock Cave Fish Tank Aquarium Decor For Reptiles, Spiders, Turtles.

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These unique natural stone cave will be the centerpiece to any terrarium. Slate is great for basking, warming, claw scratch, beak file etc.
Best is bought with 20lb box of extra stackers as seen in photo #1.
Can customize for extra cost.
**Product is natural Slate stone to stack as shown. Product is not glued and packed in a "large flat rate USPS" box. Seller Suggest "aquarium safe adhesive"
The Clean Slate Company
All NATURAL SLATE STONE from historic quarry. Slate from this quarry was mined by the Welsh in the 1800's by horse and cart and was once considered "The Best Slate In the World".
We have slate of all sizes on the quarry from small stones to giant boulders. Whether you are looking for a large scale hardscaping project or the smallest of crafts, our NATURAL SLATE STONE will compliment any project with its natural beauty.