Arched Fish Tunnel, Fish hide, aquarium decor, beta cave, pleco tunnel, reptile hide, gerbil hide, ikebana arrangement, plant holder

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Arched "swiss cheese" fish tunnel/fish hide/aquarium decor/beta cave/pleco tunnel/reptile hide/gerbil hide/ikebana arrangement/plant holder
?????? Handmade with love in Michigan ??????
This hand built ceramic fish hide is perfect for that large pleco, lizard, or fish that needs some down time. Honeycomb design provides many "hide-and-seek" opportunities for residents.
Can also be used as a climbing structure for your lizard or as a flower frog for Ikebana (Japanese art of live flower arrangement) in your terrarium or aquarium.
Non toxic - high fired to cone 6, this piece is ready for use as a focal point in place of driftwood - which can take up to a month to prepare (boiling, waterlogging, tannins, etc.).
? Ceramic will warm up and retain heat from your heat lamp which your lizard will love!
? Smooth exterior surface to protect your fish or lizard from accidental abrasion.
? If algae collects, easy to clean up with dish soap and water.
Length: 6.25"
Width: 2.5"
Height: 2.75"