Anemone Nest Prevent Running Away Clay and Live Rock Made for Aquarium Reef Tank aquarium plants

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1. After getting the anemone nest, do not use it directly. Put it into the water in the tank and soak it for one day.
2. Look for place in the tank where the water flow is smaller.
3. The mouth of anemone nest should not face direct flow of water.
4. Put the anemone into the nest.
5. If a few days later, the anemone moves out of the nest, take out the nest, brush the inner structure with a brush, and then put it back, and relocate the anemone.
6. In a 100 days test, 80% of the anemones, such as bulb anemone, princess anemone, red belly and purple belly anemone, stay comfortably in the nest. 10% will move out of the nest. 8% change from this nest to the other nests. Only 2% of the very naughty ones like to run around.
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