Bright Red Cat Cave Wool felt bed by Wooly Bowls, Modern Cat Furniture made of hand felted wool, Cat Pod, wool cat cave bed, modern cat bed

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This bold red kitty bed will add an awesome pop of color in your home, plus the pure wool cat cave will help your cat feel safe, warm and cozy! We designed these beautiful cat beds for pet owners who appreciate clean, modern design and crisp, bold colors.
- SMALL: Width: 15"-16" / Height: 11" (Perfect for a 3-14 pound pet)
- LARGE: Width: 17"-18" / Height: 13" (Perfect for a 5-24 pound pet)
* PLEASE NOTE ~ these beds are handmade and differ in sizes slightly.
Materials: 100 % wool (New Zealand wool)
- Color: Cherry Red with a lighter redish-white in the interior.
- Openings are roughly 10" - 11" across, but can cut open more.
- Cat cave comes folded and you open up and reshape upon arrival.
- Made free from chemicals or any other toxins
* PLEASE NOTE ~ these beds are handmade and may look slightly different from images.
** Cat caves arrive folded up and can easily be reshaped using water in a squirt bottle - just spritz the folded areas and reshape the damp wool.
USE: Cats are naturally attracted by the wool odor. The lanolin odor of wool is similar to the odor of the kitten's mother. It also can be use to help transport cat within it's traveling crate - making visits to the vet a little more cozy than normal.
CARE: Vacuum for quick cleaning - it is really all you should need because wool naturally repels dirt & moisture. If very soiled ~ hand wash with lukewarm water or washing machine in "wool" cycle. Re-shape form & air dry - and best to elevate on drying rack so air can flow around the bed instead of sitting in a puddle of water.
These wool felt cat caves are made of 100% New Zealand wool and designed in Portland Oregon by Wooly Bowls. Each cat cave is hand felted in Nepal by a women who earn fair wages in a safe environment, and always sweatshop free. We are against child labor and are committed to fair trade. We ensure you 100% quality of all our products as they are made free from chemicals or any other toxins and are eco friendly.
Techniques: Felt is handmade. Wet felting technique. Wet felting wool is a centuries old craft used to make everything from tents to clothing. Wool is felted only using warm water and organic soap.
Smell: wool, soap, smoke-free home
Touch: cozy, soft, wooly