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* Bonsai driftwood of BONSAI WOOD store has a base made of lava stone, with a lot of tiny pores providing a large amount of surface area for beneficial microorganisms to attach to decomposing waste. Therefore, it is also possible to classify lava rock as a natural stone that many people prefer to decorate in aquariums, aquariums or bio top ... It's useful because microorganisms help to keep the water clear.
* Aquarium plants of WOOD BONSAI are carefully selected from old and crooked trees in the tropical forests, so it is very durable even when soaked in water ( you can contract us to customize your size )
* BONSAI DRIFTWOOD is natural trees, so, every trees is the unique, but we make sure that we always choose carefully the best ones and similar to the picture described above 95% . You can totally return or change products if you are not satisfied about the products.
* Aquarium driftwood of WOOD BONSAI always Unbeatable Quality Assurance We work hard to ship you high-quality natural trees that are in pristine condition
* All of our trees is making from nature driftwood and crafted into small landscape pieces perfect for organic tank layouts by the skillful hands of the old Artisans. Each tree work of WOOD BASE not only shows skill with skillful hands, but also the heart and soul of the artist.
This is 100% handmade product ( is based on the natural curvature of the tree ). so we will begin to make products once receiving your order. Then, your order will be finished and sent you 1-3 days later
Please allow 2-5 cm differences due to the natural trees. Thank you for visit us.
All orders we are packed with very carefully foam cartons to prevent products from being damaged. As you know, the freight to your country is very high and calculated by size. Therefore, we have to cut off the residue of the foam carton after packaging, partly due to the long transportation that can cause the package to be distorted and unattractive. We look forward to your kind understanding
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