Donald and Daisy Duck Basket , #188gr, Foraging Bird & Sugar Glider Toy, Small Bird Toy, Marmoset Toy, Exotic Animal Toy, Small Pet Toy

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This toy has a Pulley on the bottom and lots of fun inside the basket. The pulley with 2 bracelets is about 24" long, lots of charms.
These hang 36" Long and 5" wide.

You want to peak your glider's interest and stimulate their minds.
Some of the toys have cups to hide treats in, these are foraging toy.
Some toys have bracelets that they can be pull off and carry back to their pouch, these are reset toys.
Some toys have the bracelets attached to a chain that can move back and forth, they will also try to take these rings back to their pouch, these are pulley toys.
Then I have toys that just have lots of charms and pretty parts, these stimulate them to touch, chew, and explore, these are enrichment toys.
All these behaviors simulate how they would act in the wild, from foraging for food, making a nest, and exploring new things.
This toy is ready to ship, however I have a wide variety of colors. I have dozens of different options for charm colors, bracelet colors and chain colors; the possibilities are endless. Please specify what coordinating colors and character you would like if you want a special order toy.