Leather belt with brass buckle Gladiator, Ancient Rome slave warrior, antique military style solid brass belt buckle on leather strap

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Leather belt with brass belt buckle "Gladiator".
The word "gladiator" comes from lat. gladius ("short sword", "gladiator") and literally means "swordsman". Gladiators are fighters who, through deadly fights in the circus scene in Ancient Rome, gained freedom and sometimes money and popularity. Over time, gladiator crafts have turned into a profession with their own rules, teachers and school. Some gladiators could compete with the popularity, even with the Emperor.

Solid Brass Belt Buckle - Buckles are cast from brass. After casting, each buckle is processed manually. After processing, the buckle is covered with patina and polished one more time.
100% Top Grain Leather Belt | Best quality - The belt is made of solid piece of leather, which means it will serve you for a long time. Belt width : 1.5 inch (3.8cm) or 1.8 inch (4.5cm) wide.
Top grain leather belts may have wrinkles, scars, scratches that are inherent characteristics and natural beauty calfskin leather.
Adjustable length - Our standard belt length: 47-48 inches (120-125 cm). If you need more length, let us know in the comments!
Easy to adjust! Our all belts package has instruction inside which help you easily shorten the belt by yourself.
The buckle is attached to a leather belt mount, which is connected to a belt with a screw. To shorten the belt should:
1. Unscrew the screw that holds the buckle
2. Cut the excess of skin, according to your size
3. Make a hole for the screw
4. Fasten the buckle to the belt
The parcel comes complete with a crafted box, polishing sponge and a leaflet with a product description.
Made in Ukraine!
Buckle sizes: 2.36"x3.19" (6081 mm).
Belt's length: 120-125 cm (47"-48").
Belt's width: 38 or 45 mm (1,5" or 1,8").