Alpaca Glitten - Fingerless Winter Gloves

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Is it a glove? Is it a mitten? It's the best of both worlds! Our Alpaca Glittens offer the warmth of a mitten and the dexterity of Gloves, making them a perfect fit for hunting or any activity where you need quick access to your fingers. The mitt flap pulls back and attaches with a secure button, giving your digits free roam.
Harnessing the natural characteristics of U.S. Grown Alpaca fiber, our Glittens will keep you warm without the bulk, and are designed to hold up on any wilderness bound adventure. Alpaca fiber is also naturally moisture wicking, breathable, and retains heat in both dry and wet conditions - making it a great insulator.
If the Fall and Winter weather tends to throw you for a loop like it does here in New England, then rest assured, our Alpaca Glittens allow full warmth and coverage, and the ability to stretch your fingers when it's time to get to work.
Explore more with the help of our Alpaca Glittens. (NEAFP)
Alpaca fiber is naturally moisture wicking and hypoallergenic. It is stronger, lighter, warmer and more resilient than wool.
Thunder Mile Ranch is mainly comprised of Suri Alpacas with a few Huacaya in the mix, the ranch is located in western Montana. We raise our alpacas on nutrient rich Montana hay and alfalfa so we can humanely harvest the best fiber possible.
Once harvested our fiber is sent to the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool for processing and made into the products I sell in my shop. This makes our alpaca products 100% American grown and 100% American processed. By purchasing one of the alpaca products from this store you are helping support alpaca farmers and small businesses, like mine, all across the country.
Glove dimensions.
Small - 3 1/4" Wide
4" length (add 2" for wrist)
Medium - 3 1/2" wide
5" length (add 2" for wrist)
Large - 4" wide
6" length (add 2" for the wrist)
Care Instructions:
Hand wash cold water
Lay flat to air dry
Care instructions may differ on the label. I always recommend hand wash and air dray for anything made with alpaca.
80% USA Alpaca
20% nylon