Collector's Choice Set of 5 Specialty Air Plants - Rare, Exotic, & Large - Air Plants for Sale - 30 Day Air Plant Guarantee - FAST SHIPPING

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Collector's Choice - Collection of 5 Air Plants - 1 Streptophylla Pure, 1 Stricta Hybrid, 1 Sparkler, 1 Victoriana, & 1 Melanocrater Tricolor
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This is a set of 5 rare Specialty air plants at our best price. The collection includes 1 Streptophylla Pure, 1 Stricta Hybrid, 1 Sparkler, 1 Victoriana, and 1 Melanocrater Tricolor.
Our Specialty air plants are chosen for their large size, unique foliage structure, and tendency to produce large, showy blooms. Scroll through the photo set to see the individual photos.
Streptophylla Pure: 2-7 Inches
Stricta Hybrid: 4-6 Inches
Sparkler: 5-7 Inches
Victoriana: 4-7 Inches
Melanocrater Tricolor: 6-9 Inches
Some of our air plant photos are of blooming plants. We will send you budding or blooming tillandsias if they are available but they are limited. Half the fun of Tillys is watching and waiting for them to burst into color!
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| A I R P L A N T ? F E R T I L I Z E R | - JUST $2.95!
| H O M E |
| A I R P L A N T S ? T I L L A N D S I A |
| V A R I E T Y P A C K S ? C O L L E C T I ON S |
| L A R G E ? A I R P L A N TS |
| A I R P L A N T ? T E R R A R I U M S |
| C O R K B A R K ? W O O D |
| W H O L E S A L E ? A I R P L A N T S |
| E V E N T ? F A V O R S |
| O U R ? F A M I L Y ? B U S S I N E S S |